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Before our team redesigned the quote & buy tool, Allstate sold under 250 policies online each quarter. Now they sell hundreds a day in just 30 states.

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Project Objective
Establish Allstate as a competitive online seller of auto insurance in a crowded marketplace.

The Geicos, Progressives and Esurances of the world already had a strong foothold when it came to selling auto insurance online, and Allstate wanted to grab their fair share of the pie.

Their initial learning showed that people valued price, but even more than that they valued reliability and convenience. By streamlining the front- and back-end of their antiquated quoting app, they hoped to not only become competitive, but leap frog their rivals in online conversion.

This project started by taking a hard look at the questions Allstate was asking users to answer. After eliminating anything that didn’t directly affect the price, we moved questions that required users to leave the computer (VIN, drivers license #) into the post-quote purchase process.

Then we worked to optimize interactions at every step of the process, all while giving users the contextual help they needed to quickly get to a quote.

On the quote screen, a delicate balance of information, interaction and design was struck. After multiple rounds of usability testing, we landed on a design that gave users three prices, the ability to customize and easy to understand contextual definitions.

Given the size and complexity of this project, Allstate is rolling this tool out state by state. They began to see real results immediately, going from 8 policies sold online countrywide to hundreds sold a day in just a portion of the country.

The success of the tool has kick-started other revenue generating projects and paved the way for the quote template to be leveraged across their other products.

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