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This drive to quote app enjoys a 66% conversion rate, not including call center leads.

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Project Objective
Drive educated, qualified leads to the online quote tool.

Consumer research uncovered a “confidence gap” in the auto insurance shopping experience. Customers just didn’t feel good about their coverage, because they didn’t know what would happen if they had to make a claim.

Allstate wanted to bridge that gap by offering shoppers a way to de-mystify the auto insurance experience without the “legal-ese” that was common in the category.

The solution was a “virtual insurance guide” that would walk the user through 11 simple questions and present them with a starting point for limits and deductibles. Friendly banter and an “everyman” approach to explaining complicated insurance concepts helped flesh out the results of the questions – giving them context and making them easy to understand.

Live video of four different “guides” was shot for the specific purpose of being integrated into the app. Each guide delivered the same info, but the tone and flavor of the delivery varied to suit the demographic segment they represented.

The app also features “real life examples” that illustrate how the coverage pays for things that happen to you in the real world.

The content also varies by state, so 50 different versions of the on-screen text and definitions needed to be created in order to make sure what the users see is relevant and not ambiguous.

In terms of meeting the project objective, this app hit it out of the park. 66% of users continue on to get a quote, have someone call them or use Allstate’s agent locator tool. There is an additional call to action that isn’t tracked – calls to the call center.

The virtual guides have proven to be a success outside of the tool as well – they are used within the quote process and within site content as stand alone, informational videos.

Content matrix for 50 states
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