One Minute Mogul Facebook App

Create your own company from scratch and claw your way up the corporate ladder – all on your lunch break.

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Project Objective
Get people engaged with the Oscar Mayer brand and drive sales of the new Deli Creations sandwich.

Most people see Oscar Mayer as the bologna company – something that only kids would pack in their lunch.

Oscar Mayer wanted to show the sack lunch corporate crowd that they were the right lunch choice for them by getting them to try a new, convenient microwaveable sandwich.

Since many people don’t care to engage with a lunch meat company online, an effective way to get them clicking was to create a Facebook game and subversively promote wasting time on it at work…during your lunch break of course.

The premise behind the app is to create your own company, hire your friends and then earn money by playing mini-games. Just like a pyramid scheme, the company with the most money and the most employees underneath them, wins.

The tone of the entire app is dark, hopeless office humor that pokes fun at corporate America, all while having a little fun at the user’s expense. They are, after all, stuck in a typical boring 9 to 5 job.

Users can create their own company, or have one generated for them. Who wouldn’t want to be CEO of Art Vandelay Industries? The mini-games all involve office activities too, with the Paper Airplane Toss, Wasteketball and the SpeedySandwich builder.

CEOs can encourage employees to earn money for them by offering perks like an extra foot of cube space, an extra 5-minute break or a ride in the corporate jet.

If you spend too much time away from the app, hot news items get posted to your Facebook feed, encouraging you to come back. Messages like “Area dog sues, claiming he invented the “Doggie bag.” -$12,000″ or “Local lettuce farmers reveal the hidden mineral benefits of the leafy green vegetable. $+125 per employee.”

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