Keebler Tiny Door Project

This social media marketing effort breathed new life into icons of the brand, the Keebler Elves, by creating content and conversations around tiny elf doors installed in trees across the country.

Project Objective
Give millennial moms a magical experience with their children to get them thinking about the Keebler in a new way. Secondarily, this was also the brand’s first foray into social platforms other than Facebook.

Inspire moms to open the doors of their child’s imagination and share their experiences on social media.

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The Work
The Keebler Elves inspired the imagination of an entire generation, and we set out spark that nostalgia and wonder by installing miniature doors, crafted by local artists, in trees in over fifty cities all over the country. When kids and their parents stumbled across these unique doors, young minds would ask, “Who lives there?” and “What do they do?”

The Tiny Door Project started as an experimental initiative that quickly grew into a big idea Keebler could reinvent their brand around. Each tree was an extension of the “Hollow Tree” that Ernie and all the Keebler elves made cookies in. They sat at the center of the campaign, and we created content that showcased the doors, prompted conversations and sharing, as well as re-created the magic and whimsy the doors inspired.


Our creative focused on making people aware of the doors so they would go visit them in person through gorgeous photography. Then, we encouraged people to share their visit on social through a hashtag and message on the door, as well as conversation starters on social platforms. Last, we had fun with the concept and the idea of elves, lifting the curtain on their magical world by creating an Instagram account that posted as if it was an elf with a tiny mobile phone.
The result was a blend of magical imagery and stories and helped moms take a moment out of their over-scheduled day to nurture their child’s imagination. As the doors rolled out across the country, city parks, local news, and communities of artists began to embrace and advocate for Keebler’s mission.

We built followings in the thousands across Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram with little paid budget for a brand starting from scratch on those channels.

The program quickly garnered national attention in USA Today, as well as dozens of local news outlets.

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