Read “The Wicked King” for FREE

If you’ve talked to me at any point over the past year or so, you know that I’m attempting to get a comic book company off the ground with Rob and Jesse.

Well, I finally have something to show you. It’s an 8-page story I wrote and had illustrated by the incredibly talented Sean Hill. Even if you’re not in to comics, I suggest you check it out. There are no superheroes in tights or anything too nerdy.

Check it out here

“The Wicked King” is based on real historical figure from the 1800s and a real japanese mythological creature. Here’s the synopsis:

While accompanying an Antarctic expedition lead by the acerbic Admiral Wilkes, a man lusting for revenge against a mythical creature called the ningen, Wakefield and Hollander find themselves stranded on the ice, nearly done in by his obsession.

It takes place in the world of Ex Occultus, one of the ongoing titles over at Saint James. Here’s what the series is all about:

Ex Occultus is a globetrotting, serialized epic combining elements of Indiana Jones, H. P. Lovecraft and The X-Files as it follows the exploits of adventurer and fortune-hunter Francis Wakefield, the gruff and grizzled Englishman with a tortuous past, and his protégé, a young man only known as Hollander, as they journey through the arcane in search of treasures and fortune, righting wrongs as they go.

In any case, hope you enjoy!