How to Not Freak Out When the Client Calls About Content

It all starts after the client reads something on Mashable. They come to agency day saying, “We need to get smarter about content. We need a content strategy.”


“Can you guys take a look at our ________________ and come back with a POV?” (Fill in the blank with brand, website, social media presence, and/or paid/owned/earned efforts.

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A small task force is assembled.

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But you all have work to do. Stuff with deadlines.

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Then the client emails the account guy. They need the POV tomorrow before they go on vacation.


The team scrambles and pulls a deck together. It’s smart, insightful and actionable. It’s also 2 a.m.


But the client’s reaction is _______________. (Fill in the blank with “I just don’t get how it hangs together” or “Someone from our digital knowledge center needs to weigh in on this.”


Now everyone is involved, and this is all anyone on your team can talk about.

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A client has a suggestion. “Let’s audit all the content our organization produces.”


All 3,400 pieces of content.


Then they ask you to work with their other “digital” agency who “gets it.”

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You’re heading to Starbucks for your fifth cup of coffee when you hear someone say “content strategy.”


It turns out there are people who spend all day thinking about content.

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In fact, they’ve done what your client is asking for seven other brands.

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They’re convinced by your plea for help.

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A week after the kickoff, the content strategist reappears. You walk into the internal review more nervous than a nerd on prom night.

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But then they show you their excel spreadsheet.


It answers everything.


They not only documented every piece of content, but also interviewed eight key stakeholders and found some surprising insights.

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The team runs with it.

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The client loves the thinking.

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The “digital” agency is speechless in the face of your awesomeness.


The client signs a fat, juicy content marketing scope.


The creatives come up with an award-winning concept that gets people participating with the brand on the spot.

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Everyone is happy.


And a project nobody wanted turned into a huge win for the team.

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