Artifice Magazine – Issue 3: 2013 Book #24

This edition was on the weaker side for me, in terms of lit. journals / anthologies – probably because experimental fiction/poetry isn’t my preference. There were some nice surprises in here – specifically Matt Bell’s story, which rather than being a traditional short, ran along the bottom of every page like a news ticker, and was amalgamated from lines within the book and other sources of information. I really enjoyed just simply re-reading the book in a new way, and he included a lot of lines that resonated with me when I’d read through the collection the first time through.

Some of the other standouts included Addam Jest’s The Beautiful Necessity and Brian Oilu’s set of three short fictions. Most of the rest just didn’t speak to me because the breaking of structure and form got in the way of me feeling or in some cases even comprehending what the author was trying to communicate. That said, if you’re a fan of experimental fiction, you’ll probably want to check this out.

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