Mid-American Review XXXIII, Number 2: 2013 Book #32


3 of 5 stars

My favorite story in this edition of MAR was “On Brian’s Dreams of Submarines” by Robert Long Foreman, also an honorable mention for their Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award. The narrator’s discovery of a troubling journal of recorded dreams by an old co-worker holds a lot of subtext, and allows for the reader’s imagination to run wild, leaving them to conclude Brian’s motivations behind keeping the journal, why he was having such disturbing dreams and what ultimately led to his departure from work and abandonment of the journal.

All the other stories and poems in this edition were solid and enjoyable to read, but also somewhat forgettable. At the time I was sitting down with the book, I definitely enjoyed myself – but even at the end of the book the earlier stories had already begun to fade.

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