Where Awesome Journeys Begin: Mini-Retirement

Not many people get to say they’re retired at age 34. I’m counting myself extremely lucky.

Jeff Pfaller - Mini-Retired

Well, not retired. Mini-retired. Taking a break from the daily 9 to 5 to attempt an awesome journey. Leaving all work behind to explore the country with my family and solo.

I’d debated what to say when people ask me that classic ice-breaker, “So what do you do?” for the past few weeks.

My answer for the past decade definitely didn’t fit. Can I really say I work in advertising, am a content strategist, or do digital marketing anymore?

My answer for the past nine months – also not the best. I’m not a marketing or content strategy consultant. Not in a way that currently defines me, at least.

I needed something short, accurate, and badass sounding.

I settled on mini-retired.

It sounds strange, yet a little familiar. And far more interesting than 99% of the stock answers to “So what do you do?” I’m still working on being able to call myself an astronaut or child-saving philanthropist, so this’ll do for now.

Over the next four months, I’ll be road tripping around the country to places like Zion National Park, Glacier National Park, Las Vegas, the Colorado Plateau, many, many other places I’ve got planned, plus plenty I haven’t decided whether or not I want to visit.

I’m with my family during this first leg to the Grand Staircase in Utah and Arizona, and a treehouse in Western Colorado. I want to show my children things they’ve never seen and help them fall in love with the country’s park system.

Then I’m heading back out by myself, wherever my wheels take me. The only thing I know so far is that I’m headed to Glacier National Park with my best friend and a couple other amigos.

And after that, I’ll probably unretire and work towards another mini-retirement. Or maybe something completely different.

That’s sort of the whole point, to give myself the space to take a journey.

4 thoughts on “Where Awesome Journeys Begin: Mini-Retirement

  1. This is fantastic Jeff. I too have left the rat race (I was in health care) and am choosing a life filled with joy and adventure. I’ve read a lot on how this may or may not be a generational choice… I just wanted to see my kids grow up, and smile every day. Good luck on your endeavors!

  2. Sam

    Tell me you’re not showering. Tell me the odor of roaming gypsies combing fields and abandoned cars for food isn’t lost on you. Tell me you’ve gone the way of the dog.

  3. Jeff Pfaller

    Yep, I’ve been following along, and have drawn some inspiration. 🙂 Where are you at now? We should meet and compare notes!

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