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Napkin Haiku Review – A Dance With Dragons, George R.R. Martin

With most fantasy series, it’s usually quickly apparent what the author’s end-game is. In Lord of the Rings, Frodo will either destroy the ring. Or not. Wheel of Time, the Dragon will defeat the Dark One in the Last Battle. Or not. You get the idea. With George R.R. Martin’s fifth entry into the Game of Thrones epic fantasy series…I have no idea where he’s going with this. I won’t give any spoilers, but this particular author is notorious for having no qualms about killing off important characters. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he ended the series with a completely different set than he began with. A few of my favorites are gone, and at this point, I’m not really sure why I want to continue reading. To see who avoids getting killed off? This world is awesome and the characters are great, but his last two books have been a bit of a wander.

A Dance With Dragons

Boundless worlds smash and
Weave. Unstitching disappears.
Void destination.

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Napkin Haiku Review – A Thirty-Something Girl, L.M. Stull

I usually don’t dip into the literary romance genre, but L.M. Stull’s book was a pleasant surprise and has inspired me to check out a few more titles like hers. It has lots of heart and just the right amount of sugar – the perfect book for burrowing into a warm corner of your house and reading it cover to cover. Even though the main character, Hope, has seen more than her fair share of hard times, the book focuses on the upswing and her struggles to get back to happy. I don’t recommend many books to my wife, but I’ll definitely give her A Thirty-Something Girl.

A Thirty-Something Girl

Broken, on her knees
Surges up, down, back up again
Settles bittersweet

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Napkin Haiku Review – They Live, The Deep Focus Series

I got this little gem of a book from Matt Butler, a college friend who’s managed to put up with me for a few years. If you’ve heard of They Live, you probably know of the indescribable John Carpenter film starring the indomitable Rowdy Roddy Piper. (Hint: if you haven’t, go watch it. Now.) You’d never think of this cult-classic as a stinging social commentary, but that’s exactly what the author, Jonathan Lethem, does. The results are hilarious, I laughed out loud several times while reading it.

Deep Focus Series has a few others in the collection that are definitely worth checking out if you like the treatment of They Live.

they live deep focus

Soul piercing look at
a movie with no soul. They
Live wins yet again.

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Napkin Haiku Review – Towers of Midnight, by Brandon Sanderson & Robert Jordan

It’s an understatement to say I’d been looking forward to this book – I started reading the Wheel of Time series in the 7th grade. When Robert Jordan died, I figured any hope at a satisfying ending was lost. Thankfully, I was wrong in the second to last book of the series, Towers of Midnight, by Brandon Sanderson and Robert Jordan.

I plan on checking out more from Brandon Sanderson. He’s done beyond a bang up job taking over a complex universe that was, quite honestly, getting stagnant and breathed new life into it.

towers of midnight

Epic tale goes for
the throat. Never lets it go.
Glorious battle.

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Napkin Haiku Review – The Dead Beat, by Cody James

The napkin haiku reviews keep coming! This one’s for The Dead Beat, by Cody James. You can check out more of her writing, art and photography here.

Another top-notch effort from Eight Cuts, I was lucky enough to get a special edition of the book – but you can still get the eBook for dirt cheap and a nice paperback copy for slightly more than dirt cheap. Do it, people!

the dead beat

Headlong tumble through
destructive lives. The whole book
awesomely alive

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Napkin Haiku Review – Charlie, By T.L. Tyson

I’ve had the privilege of connecting with some alarmingly awesome writers via the internet. And the most awesome part is they are making it happen themselves. They put in the long, thankless hours of tweeting until their brain falls out and they are disowned by their real world friends because they want just one more person to enjoy the story they had rattling in their head.

Well I wanted to be able to share some of those stories, and help those other writers get the word out. Thus, Napkin Haiku Reviews was born. It’s pretty self explanatory. It’s a review…on a napkin…written in haiku form. Oh, and I added a sketch too, for no other reason than so you all could laugh at what infantile artistic talent I have.

Anyway, here we go. The first one goes to Charlie, by T.L. Tyson. You can check out more of her stuff here.


Her raw, intimate
portrait delights. Fantasy
joins reality.