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Midwestern Gothic Winter 2017 Issue

Midwestern Gothic Issue 23 Fall 2016We gave Midwestern Gothic a complete reboot from the ground up. We redesigned the cover and the interior with gorgeous new artwork and photographs. We’re including not just fiction and poetry, but also non-fiction in our bi-annual format. Last, the Winter 2017 issue also features the winners and finalists of this year’s Lake Prize.

Basically, this issue is killer from top to bottom. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Even with all the changes, we’re still laser focused on shining a spotlight on the Midwest to celebrate its diversity and explore what makes the region tick. Good, bad, and ugly.

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Midwestern Gothic: Issue 21 (Spring 2016)

Midwestern Gothic Issue 21 Spring 20165 years and counting! The spring 2016 issue marks the fifth year we’ve been putting out the journal, and what an insane, amazing journey it’s been. So many people have been a part of it, and there are so many people to thank, but here are just a few.

Robert James Russell is a top notch partner in crime. Wouldn’t do it with anyone else.

Christina Olson brings the noise to poetry submissions, book fairs, and so much more.

Katie Marenghi, Lauren Crawford, Jon Michael Darga, Laura Hulthen Thomas, Kayla Silverstein, Emily Paull, Hannah Bates, Hannah Gordon, Giuliana Eggleston, Rachel Hurwitz, Allison Reck, Ally Wright, Stephanie Bucklin, Jamie Monville, Stephanie Mezzanatto, and Michelle Torby (among others) have all played small and large roles in making this possible.

Plus too many contributors and readers to thank. You guys are all awesome.

And of course, my wife, Sandi Pfaller, for doing an infinite number of things to give me the time and energy for this little side project.

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