Custom framing handled by me so that your Limited Edition arrives ready to hang.

How it works

Once you purchase your luster print, I'll email you to help you pick the perfect mat and frame for you. Once you're happy, you'll pay the extra framing costs separately from the print.


$400 - $1000+

Your price depends on what size, frame, and materials you choose.

Most of my clients typically choose to frame themselves or locally to save time and money.

I'm still happy to provide this service! Contact me for an estimate

Mat Options

The mat is a piece of paper based material that separates the print from the glass, holds it in place, and adds an extra decorative touch.

You can choose from:

  • Single or double mat
  • Border size, typically 1" or 2"
  • Colors (Black, white, and off-white are most common)

Frame Options

The frame draws attention to the print and complements your home's decor. It's also how the piece that is hung on your wall.

You can choose from:

  • Many different colors and finishes
  • Sizes and thicknesses
  • Materials like wood, metal, etc.