"Phases - Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse" Limited Run of 250

  • Variety of sizes from 16 x 24 inches to 30 x 60 inches
  • Choose premium luster paper, canvas with a protective finish, or aluminum metal
  • Metal and canvas prints are ready to hang
  • Luster paper is unframed. Ask about framing options
  • Vibrant colors brought to life with museum quality inks and materials
  • Fade resistant - treasure this piece your entire life
  • This artwork is a composite of multiple photographs taken at different times and locations

The lunar eclipse of May 2022 promised to be the longest in nearly 33 years, so I loaded my kids in the car and drove up to Governor Dodge State Park in Wisconsin for a chance at snapping a shot of it.

The only other lunar eclipse I've viewed was back when I was in high school with my dad in my grandparents' back yard. It was in our relatively rural town of about 4,000 people, so there was a bit of light pollution. Mostly I remember the color, and a kind of shadow that seemed to be over the moon.

For this trip with my own kids, I sweetened the deal with a night at a hotel with a pool, plus camping out the night of the eclipse. We loaded up with snacks and gear. I used Google Sky Map to find a campsite that would have a decent view of the south eastern sky. We passed up a couple of sweet spots on the river, but my kids liked Governor Dodge enough that we'll be back.

As the moon rose, I quickly realized that the trees would block our view of the moon. However, the spot we picked was also by the bathroom, which had a great open view. It always helps to think about plan B!

Totality was planned to happen well after their bedtime, I figured I'd be waking them up when it happened. But when the first "bite" came out of the full moon, all of them hopped out of the tent and were excited to watch it slowly get eaten by the Earth's shadow and turn red.

While we watched, two packs of coyotes howled in the distance. They marveled at how many more starts they could see here than in suburban Chicago. We laughed and talked until the reddish orange color of totality engulfed the moon.

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How to hang and frame Jeff Pfaller Photography

Luster Paper Framing Options

All Luster Paper prints are unframed.

If you'd like me to frame the print for you, follow these steps:

Step 1: Buy your print or contact me for options and pricing
Step 2: I will confirm your choices by email
Step 3: Pay for your frame

That's it!

What framing options do you have?
I can do a wide variety of mats, framing materials, colors, and finishes. Just ask!

Can I return a framed print?
I will be able to refund you the cost of the print, but the cost for custom framing is not refundable.

What about metal and canvas prints?
Metal and canvas prints come ready to hang with hardware included.

Certificate of Authenticity


Your limited edition is delivered with a certificate of authenticity protected against loss and fraud.

Yosemite Firefall Prints for Sale

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  • Art makes your home feel alive
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  • Art can stun the guests in your home
  • Art creates a space you are passionate about



  • Use cardboard (try the box it comes in!) or newspaper to make a template to position the print
  • Use included hardware or self-threading screws / anchors
  • Get help with larger prints


  • Eyeball placement without measuring
  • Use nails
  • Hang larger prints by yourself
Yosemite Firefall Prints for Sale

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