"Kumano Sakuras" Photo Prints

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Japanese Cherry Blossom Pictures

 As spring awakens the world with a burst of color, the Kumano Kodo trail in Japan becomes a captivating canvas adorned with the ethereal beauty of cherry blossoms. The significance of these flowers in Japanese culture is connected to the hearts and souls of the people.

Cherry blossoms, or "sakura," hold a sacred place in Japanese traditions. These delicate flowers symbolize the transient nature of life, representing the beauty and fragility that accompanies existence. The short-lived bloom, lasting only a few precious weeks, is a reminder to cherish every fleeting moment.

"Kumano Sakuras" was taken during my two week trip to Japan with my son. I promised him that when he turned 16, we could take a trip anywhere he  wanted, just me and him. He picked Japan, and when I asked him why, he said the snow monkeys. However, we timed our trip with cherry blossom season, and these trees that peak for only a handful of days seemed to follow us as we traveled north on the main island.

The annual arrival of cherry blossoms is eagerly anticipated, marking the arrival of spring and bringing people together in celebration. It is a time of hanami, the ancient tradition of enjoying the blossoms, where friends and families gather beneath the blooming trees, spreading blankets and indulging in picnics and laughter.

The enchanting allure of cherry blossoms has inspired countless photographers and artists, drawn to capture their soft pastel hues and delicate petals. Each photograph immortalizes the transient beauty, preserving it as a work of art that can be displayed on walls, invoking a sense of serenity and contemplation.

Cherry blossoms are more than just a spectacle of nature; they represent renewal, hope, and the ephemeral nature of life itself. Through the lens of photography, we can embrace the essence of cherry blossoms, capturing their delicate elegance and transforming them into captivating wall art that radiates serenity and invokes a sense of connection with the natural world.

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How to hang and frame Jeff Pfaller Photography

Custom Framing Options

If you'd like to frame your print with an option not listed above, follow these steps:

Step 1: Buy your print or contact me for options and pricing
Step 2: I will confirm your choices by email
Step 3: Pay for your frame

That's it!

What framing options do you have?
I can do a wide variety of mats, framing materials, colors, and finishes. Just ask!

Can I return a framed print?
I will be able to refund you the cost of the print, but the cost for custom framing is not refundable.

What about metal, canvas, acrylic, and wood prints?
All these prints come ready to hang with hardware included.



  • Use cardboard (try the box it comes in!) or newspaper to make a template to position the print
  • Use included hardware or self-threading screws / anchors
  • Get help with larger prints


  • Eyeball placement without measuring
  • Use nails
  • Hang larger prints by yourself
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