"Nachi Taisha" Limited Run of 50

  • Variety of sizes from 8 x 10 inches to 45 x 60 inches
  • Choose premium luster paper, canvas with a protective finish, or aluminum metal
  • Metal and canvas prints are ready to hang
  • Luster paper is unframed. Ask about framing options
  • Vibrant colors brought to life with museum quality inks and materials
  • Fade resistant - treasure this piece your entire life

Photography of the Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine

Nestled along the sacred Kumano Kodo trail in Japan, the Nachi Taisha grand shrine stands as a beacon of divine grace and tranquility.

"Nachi Taisha" was taken during my two week trip to Japan with my son. I promised him that when he turned 16, we could take a trip anywhere he wanted, just me and him. He picked Japan, and while the Kumano Kodo wasn't on our radar to start, we were quickly drawn to the idea of hiking part of the Imperial Route.

Flowing with immense power and serenity, the Nachi-no-Otaki waterfall descends from a staggering height of 133 meters, making it the tallest waterfall in Japan. Known as the "Waterfall of the Gods," its cascading waters evoke a sense of awe and reverence in all who witness its grandeur. The juxtaposition of the lush greenery and the crystal-clear waters creates a captivating sight that has inspired countless photographers and artists throughout the ages.

This awe-inspiring waterfall holds deep spiritual significance. It is believed that the deity enshrined within the Nachi Taisha grand shrine has a profound connection with the natural elements, and the waterfall serves as a symbol of purity and renewal. Pilgrims who once traversed the Kumano Kodo trail would seek solace in the presence of this majestic waterfall, offering prayers for healing, protection, and spiritual enlightenment.

Photography enthusiasts are drawn to the Nachi-no-Otaki waterfall like moths to a flame. Capturing its breathtaking beauty is like freezing a moment in time, immortalizing the interplay of light and water. The resulting photographs serve as windows to the soul, evoking a sense of peace and awe when displayed as wall art.

So, wander along the sacred Kumano Kodo trail and be captivated by the Nachi Taisha grand shrine and its majestic waterfall. Let the roaring cascade of Nachi-no-Otaki inspire your lens, preserving its mesmerizing allure in photographs that adorn your walls. Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of nature, spirituality, and art, and let the Nachi Taisha shrine and its waterfall ignite a sense of wonder and serenity within your soul.


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How to hang and frame Jeff Pfaller Photography

Luster Paper Framing Options

All Luster Paper prints are unframed.

If you'd like me to frame the print for you, follow these steps:

Step 1: Buy your print or contact me for options and pricing
Step 2: I will confirm your choices by email
Step 3: Pay for your frame

That's it!

What framing options do you have?
I can do a wide variety of mats, framing materials, colors, and finishes. Just ask!

Can I return a framed print?
I will be able to refund you the cost of the print, but the cost for custom framing is not refundable.

What about metal and canvas prints?
Metal and canvas prints come ready to hang with hardware included.

Certificate of Authenticity


Your limited edition is delivered with a certificate of authenticity protected against loss and fraud.

Yosemite Firefall Prints for Sale

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  • Art can inspire you daily
  • Art makes your home feel alive
  • Art evokes fond memories of places you've visited
  • Art can stun the guests in your home
  • Art creates a space you are passionate about



  • Use cardboard (try the box it comes in!) or newspaper to make a template to position the print
  • Use included hardware or self-threading screws / anchors
  • Get help with larger prints


  • Eyeball placement without measuring
  • Use nails
  • Hang larger prints by yourself
Yosemite Firefall Prints for Sale

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