"Zion Junction Sunset" Photo Prints

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Photography of Zion National Park

Nestled in the southwestern deserts of Utah, the majestic Zion National Park beckons adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Millions of years in the making, Zion National Park owes its formation to the forces of nature. Eons of geological processes, including erosion by the Virgin River, sculpted the vibrant sandstone cliffs and deep canyons that now define this extraordinary landscape. Over time, the park's awe-inspiring canyons, including the iconic Zion Canyon, have been carved into the Earth's crust, leaving behind a masterpiece of natural architecture.

This photo was taken on a cross-country road trip to visit 14 national park sites. The goal was to capture the beauty of our public lands at night. I shot it underneath the Utah night skies during June. I'd had a day of highs and lows. I could tell my camera was on its last legs, it refused to turn on for about thirty minutes while I tried to shoot one of the mountain saddles at dusk. Less than an hour before, I'd made it to the top of Angel's landing, a bucket list hike. I was driving back towards the park entrance to try and find a couple promising spots for the milky way and star trails. I hit Canyon Junction Bridge right at sunset, and the clouds and colors stopped me in my tracks. I took some time to appreciate what nature was giving me, which was quite possibly the prettiest sunset of the trip.

In 1919, recognizing the need to preserve this captivating wonderland, the United States designated the area as Mukuntuweap National Monument, later renaming it Zion National Park. The name "Zion" holds deep spiritual significance, symbolizing a place of refuge and peace, which perfectly encapsulates the sanctuary's tranquility and grandeur.

Zion National Park has since become a haven for photographers and artists, captivated by its ever-changing colors and surreal landscapes. The play of light and shadows against the majestic sandstone cliffs creates an ethereal canvas for photography, capturing moments that transcend time. These photographs, transformed into mesmerizing wall art, bring the essence of Zion's natural marvels into homes and offices worldwide, inspiring a sense of awe and appreciation for the beauty of our planet.

With its unique geology, rich biodiversity, and awe-inspiring vistas, Zion National Park stands as a testament to the indomitable forces of nature and the importance of preserving our natural heritage. As you step into this pristine wilderness, let the spirit of Zion's creation infuse your soul, and may the photography and wall art inspired by this sanctuary remind you of the beauty and wonder that nature offers to all who seek its embrace.


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How to hang and frame Jeff Pfaller Photography

Custom Framing Options

If you'd like to frame your print with an option not listed above, follow these steps:

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What framing options do you have?
I can do a wide variety of mats, framing materials, colors, and finishes. Just ask!

Can I return a framed print?
I will be able to refund you the cost of the print, but the cost for custom framing is not refundable.

What about metal, canvas, acrylic, and wood prints?
All these prints come ready to hang with hardware included.



  • Use cardboard (try the box it comes in!) or newspaper to make a template to position the print
  • Use included hardware or self-threading screws / anchors
  • Get help with larger prints


  • Eyeball placement without measuring
  • Use nails
  • Hang larger prints by yourself
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